Everyone is tired of all the emails and text messages. Cadre believes that we should eliminate all that noise so that you can be heard when it truly matters.

This freedom enables companies to start focusing on revenue generating activities and reduces overhead.

What makes Cadre different?

Syncs all Platforms

Cadre is the only scheduling platform that enables candidates to sync all their calendars in one place. Scheduling streamlined.

Monitoring at the City Level

States and cities are increasingly passing laws governing employee scheduling and benefits.

Cadre is the only system that tracks this information, provides notices at the time of recruiting, and automates the reporting process.

Mobile with Less

Contingent talent is a mobile market with its unique communication challenges. Texting without the right authorization risks considerable penalties.

Cadre offers employers the option to eliminate this liability.

Be heard when it matters. Cadre will help your organization whether you have a contingent workforce of 1 or 1,000,000. Contact us today to schedule a demo.