Paid time off for Being Sick:


These states all have different rules about accrual, usage, and reporting. Including: California, Oregon and many more states are considering their own version of the laws.


Cook County Illinois and Montgomery County Maryland have both enacted their own versions of laws requiring employers to pay for time off for their sick employees.


Cities have also enacted their own set of rules further complicated tracking. Including: New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis and many more. The list continues to grow.

What do these laws have in common?

Not much. But, they almost all apply to contingent employees. That means employers with a highly mobile workforce have a high volume of laws to know and even more documentation to maintain. Cadre automates this process so that users can focus on doing what they do best – growing their business.

Predictable Scheduling Laws:


These states require employers to pay employees “reporting” pay. Many of these states also require payment if schedules are changed with less than 14 days notice.


Cities are enacting their own versions of this type of law in an e ort to require employers to be more predictable in their scheduling. Including: Seattle, Los Angeles, and many more are considering similar rules.

Do these laws impact the contingent workforce?

Absolutely. There is also frequently no exception made for certain job titles or industries. In many cases, these are blanket rules a ecting all employees within the city. This has a tremendous impact on employers of contingent talent who are often called upon to fill jobs unexpectedly. Enterprise users of Cadre receive exclusive access to the ability to automate the monitoring and reporting required for compliance with these laws.

Paid time off for Family and Medical Leave:


These states all have different rules about rights to use, when they can be used, and how the benefit is managed. Including: California, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and at least 15 more states are considering their own version of the laws.


San Fransico has enacted a law requiring fully paid parental leave. There are a number of cities considering their own version of paid family leave.

What if my benefits are better?

That often does not matter. Even the most generous policies fail in many cases without meeting the robust reporting and record requirements. This can be a lot for an employer deploying contingent talent across multiple cities and states. Cadre streamlines the monitoring process so that companies can keep adding jobs and employing people in line with their strategy. Learn more and request a demo today.